Thomas RiceThomas J. Rice is an Irish-born writer with a talent for evocative storytelling, replete with complex characters who brave the fateful currents of history and manage to stay afloat. With a keen sense of social and cultural nuance, his stories show compassion for the underdog, an embrace of the full range of human passions, with suspenseful twists– tinged with danger — that keeps the reader up at night. Whether watching a gifted horse whisperer work his volcanic Arabians, sipping a pint at an edgy pub debate, or witnessing a desperate itinerant mother beg for food, we always feel part of the experience, part of the dialogue, and part of the gritty “hard truths” at the heart of these absorbing human dramas.

“From the elegiac, to the fatally dramatic, to the socially instructive, Thomas Rice’s finely wrought stories of life in Ireland bring a whole world and people to life, entertaining and surprising the reader at every turn. Striking and unforgettable.
Most highly recommended.”

Wayne Johnson, author of The Snake Game (London Times best seller)
and winner of O. Henry Award.

thomas at 6 with nell-300dpi (2)

Thomas (6) with Nell, his border collie.

Author’s birthplace in Leinster Province

Author’s birthplace in Co. Carlow

Rice was born in Co. Carlow, Ireland, where he lived until he was 16. He dropped out of school at 13, emigrated to the U.S. as a teenager, graduated from Cornell University, and later was awarded a Ph.D. in Sociology. Along the way, he’s been a farmer, border collie breeder, construction worker, tractor driver,  bartender, carpenter, social activist,  professor, CEO, leadership consultant,  co- founder of a social justice institute, and  storyteller. In 2010, he turned to writing full time.

Rice is author of three novellas, numerous short stories, and a memoir, as well as co-author of four books and over 50 articles and essays in a wide array of refereed academic journals and editorial pages, including: The Boston Globe, In These Times, and The Portland Press Herald. He lives in Andover, Massachusetts and Peaks Island, Maine.