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Thomas Rice does much more than describe the harsh and magical world of his childhood. He opens the door wide and invites us in; he gives us the best seat in the house, offers us a pint, and then asks us to dance. I can almost hear the music!
— Sandra H., for Far From the Land: An Irish Memoir

About the Author

Thomas J. Rice, is an Irish-born writer with a talent for evocative storytelling, replete with complex characters who brave the fateful currents

Thomas Rice takes us back with him to his ancestral home — and to the excitements, dreads and legends of childhood in a rural village. At the end of each story, after I settled down from the chills and tears, the author bid me good night with a wink and a nod.
— Barry R., Rites of Passage: Five Irish Stories

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Barrow River Press and Barrow River Publishing House are the umbrella organizations for Thomas Rice’s work.